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This is a free information service that displays the latest clinical trials in cancer care, including trials that are currently recruiting new participants. We believe that this information should be freely available to all, and written in a way that is easy to understand. 

This website is for anyone affected by cancer … whether you, your friend or family member. Cancer specialists too will find this an invaluable resource to use with their patients. Australian Cancer Trials aims to assist you, with your cancer specialist, make decisions about your cancer care options, including clinical trials.

The website is updated each day with new information from the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry and ClinicalTrials.gov from the United States.

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Search Clinical Trials

View details of cancer clinical trials in Australia, including those that are currently recruiting participants. You can conduct a simple or advanced search, and find out if you are eligible to join a trial.

Clinical Trials Search Tips
Simple Search
To search by keyword (name any word contained in the trial information, such as a particular drug or treatment) or by cancer type (name the place where the cancer started in the body).
Advanced Search
This allows you to search for trials which may be better suited to your needs.
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What's new?

Want to see the latest trials? This list shows trials that have been added to the database on Monday this week.   Display list.

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Feedback from evaluation

This website is currently being evaluated in a study funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and run by staff at the University of Sydney. As results become available we will be presenting them here on this webpage. We welcome any further feedback.   Send feedback.

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