About Us

Who is it for?

This website is for those who have cancer and are considering taking part in a trial to test a new treatment. It's for family, friends and also cancer specialists, to provide easy access to the very latest information about clinical trials.

How do I use this website?

This website is an information resource, to help you find out more about cancer trials as a basis for discussion with a cancer specialist. It is not a substitute for a discussion.

Who has funded this website?

This project has been funded by Cancer Australia, with partial funding from a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grant.

What service does it offer?

Australian Cancer Trials provides a database of research trials that are currently being carried out in Australia to find better ways of treating cancer. Some of these trials may offer treatment options that would not otherwise be available to you, your friends or family.

The website provides detailed information about cancer clinical trials. It offers people affected by cancer a 'Plain English' guide, which is comprehensive, accurate and brought up to date on a weekly basis.